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Google – Recent Mobile Changes

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Google – Recent Mobile Changes

Current changes in Google of recent are getting marketers talking about exactly what Google is going to do next, with their recent changes to Android phones and the constant mobile

responsive updates, as well as the recent Panda and impending Penguin refresh, the coming months are vital to businesses who rely on their website for sales.

Although not being mobile responsive isn’t going to completely sink your website yet, Google seems to be making every effort to make it as blatant as possible that not making the switch is going to set you back, and then some.

Mobile Changes

The recent mobile changes seen in detail in the search engine land blog show they’ve updated their search engine results page for mobiles, if you use the Google App on an Android phone, you’ll have already noticed these changes. Some are calling this a “test” for the future, with the potential to slowly move all mobile results to this style of page with cards allowing users to swipe through the cards based on up-to-date, more relevant results.

Whether we like it or not, mobile responsiveness is the future of Search, you may not see it yet, but without a responsive website you’re likely to be looking at slow decreases in rankings, visitors and general leads over time through your website.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive is something that has plagued marketers (specifically SEO), designers and developers alike for the last few months, customers seeing significant drops in their rankings due to the lack of a mobile responsive website and wondering why it’s happening is never a good thing. Fortunately for us, we’re able to complete non-responsive to responsive projects extremely cost effectively and efficiently for our current and new customers, saving us time and our customers money.

We strongly suggest that if your website isn’t mobile responsive, consider putting some money aside to make it so, it’s definitely an investment that will safeguard your websites future on search engines and user experience / search in general further down the line. With 61% of people in the UK using their phone specifically to browse the internet and 81% of those conducting online research on a company before purchasing from them, what are your chances of securing that sale if your website isn’t even responsive to the device they’re using?

So whether you're looking for help making your mobile responsive or just want one of our FREE webiste audit's, get in touch with us today and let us future proof your website!

Date: 14.08.15

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