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Nice Website – What Can It Do?

Nice Website – What Can It Do?

Date: 6th August 2015 | By: admin

A significant amount of businesses, mainly SME’s with few full time office staff, aren’t sure about what their website can “do” – is it optimised for lead development? Can you receive enquiries through your website from customers? How many visits do you get per month? Can you target emails depending on what stage of customer life cycle your leads are at?

Although your website is online, there are so many variables that can impact how potential customers or people searching for business like yours get to it, you may not even get a look-in.

Is your Website Winning you Business?

If your website isn’t contributing a large amount to the profits of your business, the chances are something can be changed significantly to help that. These changes can be anything from simple design tweaks, functionality changes, content writing issues or anything to do with the user experience or search engine optimisation of your website. If your website can’t be found on Google, that’s a problem that can be fixed, but after people are driven to your website from Google, will they like what they see? That’s one of the main hurdles in web design and development.

Each industry differs, what works for us as a digital agency may not work for somebody in a “trade” industry such as a plumbers or carpenters, this is why, when instructed, we are able to test websites to ensure they are optimised as well as possible to convert that new traffic into leads. We recommend everyone at least tries usability testing, start with things as simple as changing the heading to your homepage or making small changes to the first paragraph of content to try to attract a higher click through % or more lead generation.

Engage your Customers

Customer engagement is something that doesn’t just come from having a website and some content, you have to carefuly write your content or you could be portraying the wrong message to your potential customers. Unlike speaking to people on the telephone or in person, the messages you are trying to portray can be misconstrued with text on a website, this could not only be hindering your potential to develop a long standing relationship with new customers, but could also be giving the completely wrong impressions of your business as a whole.

If you want your company message to be communicated effectively improve your search engine rankings or generally improve what your website is capable of achieving, contact us today – your website wont change itself!