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Websites for Start-ups

Websites for Start-ups

Date: 18th June 2015 | By: admin

Websites for New Businesses

Websites, the most powerful marketing tool for any business, big or small, so why are so many start-ups put off investing in a website?

You’ve spent ages perfecting your product or service, why let all that hard work go to waste by having either no website or a low quality one when you can invest in your future and get something that is actually going to do the job!

We won’t beat around the bush here, a website is going to cost you a couple of hundred quid minimum, but as with many things in business and life in general, the cost represents the quality. You could pay very little money for a website and yes, it may look semi-decent and “do the job”, but is it going to distinguish your business and grow into what you imagined before you started the project?

Benefits for a Start-up

  • Exposure – You’re not investing in a website for it not to get any traffic, you want to maximise your potential customer base by ensuring the quality and efficiency of the website is of the highest possible level, this way your exposure will be maximised.
  • Functionality – Higher quality websites provide you with a much greater level of functionality both front and back end, meaning not only will your website be more functional to users but also easier to manage for you.
  • Brand Awareness – Much the same as exposure, brand awareness is something your business is going to need if you want to see any sort of excessive growth. Without a high quality website, you may find yourself lost deep in the search engine rankings due to a poorly optimised website.

Why Start-ups?

Start-ups need a website in most cases more than large organisations (other than e-Commerce reliant websites of course) due to their lack of presence in their market, the problem a website would hope to fix.

Here at Thomas Design we value that start-up businesses may not have the budget of a large business, but will still require high quality, effective design and development, so if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a quality website on a budget, start your project with us today!