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Welsh Lifts: The Rise to Success

Welsh Lifts: The Rise to Success

Date: 21st May 2015 | By: admin


As one of our most recently designed websites to date, Welsh Lifts is a prime example of what high quality web design and solid on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can do for your business.

Lifts Wales – #1Welsh Lifts is being used as a case study for this article as their elevation to success in the search engine rankings is no fluke. The website started, before the new design and content, with low-to-no rankings for the majority of their businesses key terms but after a re-design of the site, a re-structure of the front end content with the help of Welsh Lifts and the metadata being strategised for the best possible search engine optimisation, Welsh Lifts were able to climb the search engine rankings quicker than we imagined, getting number one rankings for their main key terms & major locations (Wales, Swansea, Cardiff and South Wales). Here are some of Welsh Lifts’ current rankings:

  • Lift(s) Repair Wales – #1
  • Lift Maintenance Wales – #1
  • Elevator(s) Wales – #1
  • Elevator Repair Wales – #1
  • Elevator Maintenance Wales – #1
  • Elevator Maintenance Swansea – #1
  • Elevator Repair Swansea – #1
  • Lift Maintenance Swansea – #1
  • Lift Repair Swansea – #3

The Factors

The two main factors of Welsh Lifts’ rise to search engine success were, in our opinion, the content, metadata and the age and trust of the domain.

The metadata was a little extra which we threw in for Welsh Lifts as it is only a small site in terms the amount of individual pages on the site. As a business that strongly believes that on-site optimisation and content is key to search engine success, we tailored every description and title to the specific keywords that Welsh Lifts may be targeting, this proved a great success when their rankings were elevated beyond the previous positions.

Domain age is something which we also value, domain age (as long as there has been a previously present website on the domain) brings a certain level of trust from Google regardless of the content or metadata, potentially lifting the site up the rankings just off the strength of this, so having a 10+ year old domain may be a large factor in your search results.

The sites content also played a major part of the rise in Welsh Lifts’ rankings, having content on your website that is relevant to the industry your business operates in is vital as the Google algorithm will recognise the keywords and give weight to them in rankings (as long as everything else follows Google’s webmaster guidelines).

The design also played a role in Welsh Lifts’ rankings being lifted significantly as the website not only offers better optimisation, but is also able to keep people on the site for longer due to the design quality and maintain a high level of engagement because of the superior layout and general aesthetic look of the website.

As a full service digital agency that provide web design in Swansea and South Wales, our main goal is to help elevate our customers to success, because if they succeed, we succeed. If you would like to visit Welsh Lifts’ site to check them out, click here. If you would like to contact us today to discuss how your site could potentially be given a new lease of life by us, contact us today!