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Google+ for Local Search

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Google+ for Local Search

Google+ for Regional Search Rankings

With recent changes implemented by Google in their Search Engine Results Page, specifically around the local search area, it’s no wonder Google+ is becoming a standard part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) regardless of whether the main target is local search or not.

How do I get my Google+ Business Page?

Having a Google+ business page is going to give you many advantages from the outset, but how do you get a business page after the recent changes for Google+ businesses? The first step towards getting your Google+ business page is signing up for the verification process, which unfortunately can be extremely time consuming on its own. The verification process usually takes a significant amount of time, this is mainly due to the processes Google has to undertake and the procedures they have to follow to send out the letter of verification to your businesses address. If you are considering doing it yourself and spending the large amount of time required to initially setup the Google+ business page, visit the Google My Business page

The Advantages of Google+

The main advantage of Google+ as discussed briefly already is the local search possibilities of higher rankings. From the work we have done and the information we have gathered whilst doing SEO, we have noticed a direct correlation between implementing an optimised Google+ page and a slight increase in rankings. Not only the organic growth in rankings, but also the massive jump from whatever page you are on now, to the potential to be near the top of Page 1 through the local search, e.g. training services Swansea.


Training services Swansea

The Features

The other advantage is the “+1” function, this function allows Google+ users to +1 your content or website which in turn gets shared with people who are in their network. Google's +1 is the equivalent of a share on Facebook or a retweet on Twitter, it’s a powerful tool that when used properly can be highly beneficial to the content you are creating.

The +1 leads onto the next feature within Google+, the follow, this allows users to follow your page and receive your content in their feed which in turn gives them the opportunity to +1 your content. Followers are your closer network, but they are not the limit of reach for your content, if you are +1’d by somebody who is widely followed on Google+ it could be highly beneficial for that content. A follower on Google+ is the equivalent to a follower on Twitter or a like on Facebook.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to create your Google+ page, what Google+ optimisation can do and what exactly local search rankings means, contact us and let us help you!

Date: 14.05.15

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