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How Automation can Increase Sales and Efficiency

How Automation can Increase Sales and Efficiency

Date: 6th April 2015 | By: admin

Increase Efficiency with Automation

Whether you’re looking for a way to increase your workforce’s efficiency or looking for ways to increase sales potential, automation may be something which you haven’t fully considered. Although there are different types of software out there that can specifically lead to generating leads, we’ll talk more about engagement:

Ensuring your customers or potential customers are engaged with your brand or business isn’t some tech savvy trick that businesses are doing nor is it re-inventing the wheel, it’s simply presenting interested parties with information about your business to increase their knowledge. The information can massively vary, it can go from your super amazing weekly deal to what your most recent news post is, as long as the content is engaging, insightful and where possible, not boring, you will reap the benefits of it.

What Automation Software Works?

If you’re for something that can provide customer retention retention, something to increase potential sales, engagement and generally keeping in touch with your stakeholders, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software should be your go to tool for building relationships with new customers and nurturing your current customers to keep them in the loop with your business.

CRM Systems are, in our opinion, excellent pieces of software to automate the processes that would be otherwise time consuming, but make sure you have a high quality software with all the features you need!

What Can CRM Systems Do?

Depending on the software you use, you can create segmented databases (for example, Customers, New Leads etc.) allowing you to give the right information to the right people, it would be pointless sending your current customers “warming” messages about your business when they may have already worked with you for a decade!

Through the segmentation of contacts and with the ability to focus the content sent to the database you are targeting, the CRM System allows you to develop a good foundation for a content and email marketing strategy. Email marketing is growing again, proven by various articles such as Venturebeat’s blog on email marketing being critical to success, partly due to the increase in intelligence of the software being used.

So, CRM Systems have already proven to be an extremely worthy component to your email marketing or content targeting strategy, the final asset of a good CRM System is the ability to report and analyse. Having analytics and reports on your email marketing strategy is vital, as it allows you to test the water with different methods such as emailing daily, monthly or weekly and even changing the style of your emails, a serious professional tone with little to no images or a playful tone with lots of images and audience capturing content.

Seen enough to think a CRM System is going to increase sales, efficiency and engagement, give us a call and we can set everything up for you!