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Branding: Price or Quality?

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Branding: Price or Quality?

Your brand image is what will define you in the market in which you are present, no matter the competition, scale of the market or the quality of your products. Your branding will make be the difference between becoming a recognizable brand in your market and being just another shop window that people walk by in terms of the list of websites in Google that people will go through.

Quality Design Pays

Yes, making sure you are getting the most from your brands web and logo design is going to cost you, but the question you have to think when talking with quality web designers charging a premium is, what do you get from it?

The price tag is there for a reason, you could pay a smaller price, get a lower quality website in terms of looks and functionality and a branding that is inconsistent and unimpressive. Or, you could pay the extra price and get a high quality branding, instilling familiarity and the perception of brand awareness to anyone who passes through your website.

Is it worth it for me?

The way we tell businesses looking for branding in Swansea or further afield is to think about how much your average job costs, if you can make just one extra customer per month through high quality web design and branding, on a yearly basis, how much will that earn you?

Think of some of the top brands, the more they evolved and grew, the more their image developed, although you may be content at the moment, if you haven’t updated your brand perception and image in the last three to five years then it’s likely you could be getting better results.

A good example here would be Apple, one of the world’s largest corporations, as they even had a starting point where most people who saw the initial logo would think is a joke. As Apple progressed in size and stature, so did their brandings imagery, from an extremely cluttered image to the world renowned logo we see today.

Evolution of apple logos

Your perception, your image

Are your customers perceiving you how you would want to be perceived just from visiting your website or seeing your logo?

If not, get in touch with us and we can tell you how we can improve your businesses perception and your brand image with simple, professional design.

Date: 02.04.15

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