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The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect

Date: 26th March 2015 | By: admin

The Importance of Design

The Halo Effect, a psychological concept named by Edward Thorndike, referring to the cognitive bias which an observers impression of certain variable factors influences their perception and opinion of a product, person or company.

You may be asking the question, why are we talking about the Halo Effect and what relevance does it have here?

The answer is simple, design. Many businesses come to the conclusion that design is a relatively quick and easy process, this misconception is where many people get lost in the world of price comparisons. Studies have shown you have 50 milliseconds to make a positive or negative impression on somebody viewing your website, if that impression is negative in any way, they will move onto the next site in the seemingly endless list of Google. But how do you ensure your website falls into the “positive” impression area?

In terms of the original concept, one of the main desirables of the Halo Effect is attractiveness, if your website is unattractive, intense to look at, overbearing with images, text or buttons and generally not something that at first glance looks good, the chances are you are turning away a lot of potential customers before they have even read your sites content.

Attractive design and Usability

Providing website design in Swansea, Thomas Design recently completed a new website development for Steppes Coaching, this website is a great example of attractiveness and usability. The colours used on the site evoke a certain response from the viewer as they are easy on the eye, well thought out and maintain a kind of uniformity throughout the site that gives association of the brand to the user. The difference between this and a website that has been unthoughtfully put together using various colours that clash are profound. Whereas the website without strong brand identity may turn people away, the website with strong branding and good design will entice people to read your content, giving you a foot in the door in terms of showing people why they should use your business.

In summary, The Halo Effect is something that businesses may want to consider when looking into website design, making sure that the design company they choose has their brand image and identity in mind when designing the site. Remembering that although picking the cheapest may seem like the best option at the time, it may lead to your business leaving a long lasting negative effect on somebody who could be converted into a customer just by having the right design qualities.