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The Benefits of Digital Marketing

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Date: 19th March 2015 | By: admin

Digital Marketing, the time consuming process of building your online following through tried and tested strategies developed by the best, but is it worth it for your business?

Here are just three of the main advantages of online advertising, after seeing these you may be able to answer that question for yourself.

The ever growing online population

Statistics show that almost 85% of all households in the UK have internet access, which amounts to 22 million households having the ability to in some way link to your company. 38 million adults access the internet every day and 75% of ALL adults in the UK bought goods online. These staggering statistics are testament that your customers are online, but are you reaching out to them?

Customer, fan or follower interaction

Although in physical advertising, word of mouth is a way of your fans, followers or customers sharing your company’s information and giving publicity. One of the main benefits of utilizing Digital Marketing and specifically, social media, is the ability for them to do this on a mass scale. If you produce relevant, interesting content, your fans will eventually share it, but as well as that, it gives them the opportunity to communicate directly with your company and you to reciprocate by communicating back.

As over 85% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience, customer engagement could be the difference between gaining, retaining or losing a customer, make sure you are the ones gaining.

Real time results and analytics

If you hand flyers out on the street, are you going to be able to track exactly how many times that flyer gets exchanged between different people?

Web marketers are able to use specific tools and analytical programs, and you can too, enabling you to track exactly how many people have viewed certain places your business is active in. For example, did your last blog reach out to 100,000 people, doubling your fan base and website traffic? Find out how using CRM web analytics, analyse your content, copy it stylistically and publish it in the same manner next time for maximum potential outreach. Real time results allow for constant progress reports, if something is not working, change it, if it is working, repeat it and watch your follower base grow.

There we have it, just three of the main benefits, can you answer the original question now: Is Digital Marketing worth it for your business?