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Digital Marketing – A Trend Worth Following

Digital Marketing – A Trend Worth Following

Date: 13th March 2015 | By: admin

Here at Thomas Design we are excited to announce the launch of our new Digital Marketing services.

Digital Marketing is something that all companies; small, medium and large should be at the very least considering in this day and age, if not for brand awareness and lead generation, for your customer retention and customer outreach.

Digital Marketing includes anything from content writing or blogging, social media management to managing your Google Adwords campaigns. We will be able to provide all of these and more, the packages we are going to be offering our customers are extremely competitively priced and the amount of Marketing you will be getting for your money is absolutely brilliant. With Thomas Design your Digital Marketing will be in safe hands and have your business success in mind with every recommendation and decision we make.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing provides massive benefits for anyone looking to seriously develop their business online, when statistics show B2B companies who blog generate 67% more leads than those who do not, just one cog in the Digital Marketing wheel, it stands testament to show the investment is definitely worth it.

Applying some sort of strategy in regards to Digital Marketing is the very least a company should consider, but, if you really want to be keeping up with or ahead of your competition, employing an efficient and professionally managed Digital Marketing strategy is something that can boost your business above and beyond its current level.

Here are some statistics which may change your opinion on Digital Marketing:

  • A staggering 97% of consumers use online media before making local purchases.
  • 62% of companies outsource content marketing.
  • 70% of marketers say content marketing has increased awareness of their brand.
  • 51% of companies are planning to increase their digital marketing budgets in 2015.
  • The UK has the 5th highest internet penetration percentage in the world.

So remember, when considering whether or not you should look into Digital Marketing, your customers ARE online, are you reaching out to them?