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2015 makes its marks

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2015 makes its marks

As we approach the end of 2015, we’ve been thinking about the highs and lows of the year. It’s been a big year for web design, with more brands and companies realigning their focus onto their web efforts and online presence. 2015 was the year where tablet and smartphone browsing dominated user behaviour, marking its relevance within web design.

While more users turned to mobile technology to browse the web, this was also the year where SEO became more prominent than ever with more users learning it’s rules and utilising its features. SEO was no longer a techie acronym feared by the average user, it became a regular tool and not just for businesses. Bloggers, writers and online creatives embraced the opportunities of Search Engine Optimisation, and it continues to be a highly debated topic across social media platforms.

The top three

The rise of animations
Animations took on a life of their own this year. Gone were the static images that sat on the screen, and in came the all singing and sometimes quite literally dancing animations to add a touch of something more interesting to a website.

Menus can now fly across the screen and info graphs and research can now be presented in a more glamourous way.

Amazing photography
Businesses are no longer relying on stock images to showcase a website and are instead using higher quality and more capturing images to entice people in. A key thing for a website now is to have fantastic imagery, and 2015 has seen hundreds of websites change image after image to keep up with the growing trend.

Mobile response
A key trend that many businesses were penalised for in 2015 was making a website mobile responsive, meaning it looked just as good on a phone as on a PC. Google made a decision that businesses with a website that wasn’t mobile responsive would fall down Google rankings, and so the mad rush to change websites ensued. Now, most business websites will be just as easy to navigate and just as interactive as if you were sitting at a computer desk.

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Date: 12.03.15

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