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Race Ahead of Competitors with Tenderwrite Ltd

Race Ahead of Competitors with Tenderwrite Ltd

Date: 9th December 2014 | By: admin

By Damian Thomas – Managing Director Thomas Design (UK) Limited

TenderWrite Ltd can guide you through the maze of writing professional tenders and help your business deliver its full potential for public and private sector clients. That’s their main aim. It struck me as appropriate, really, that this what the company strives to do because Jamie Edwards of TenderWrite and I first became acquainted through the rallying community, namely the BTRDA and Welsh Forest Championships where Jamie is a co-driver and I compete as a driver.

Jamie EdwardsTenderWrite was formed by Jamie Edwards and a small team of associates. Jamie is an award-winning Bid Writer and Contracts Manager who has a long history of success in both business development and procurement consultancy.

Jamie and I may never have competed together in a rallying capacity but we recently came together to work on a new website for his company. Direction, focus and attention to detail are just as important in web design as they are in rallying (and vice versa) so we knew we equally committed to the success of the new website. It had to be a winner, essentially.

Beginning his career in Scandinavia in the 1990s, Jamie quickly established a reputation as a compelling author of concise, factual and persuasive bids, tenders and proposals for tenders across the globe. His website needed to be as straightforward, accurate and compelling as his work, to live up to that reputation and to further it.

As Jamie says,

“I contacted Damian as I was launching a new business and needed a cleanly designed, professional website. As a consultant, it was essential that the website ‘fitted’ with what my business is all about. I needed it to be easy to navigate, clean, bold and professional in appearance.”

Thomas Design was able to create an initial design concept which Jamie really liked. After a few small changes were made, we were able to create a website that not only matched the brief but which presents Tenderwrite as the modern, professional, detail oriented company that it is, and that it needs to be in order to rally support for clients’ tenders. (Sorry for the pun, but it had to be done!)

“I couldn’t recommend Thomas Design highly enough. Their attention to detail and customer service was superb – and they were regularly in touch with me regarding progress updates which I really appreciated. I’m delighted with the finished design and I would strongly recommend Damian and his team to anyone looking for a professional web presence,” said Jamie.

High praise indeed, but like my company, Thomas Design tries to give a professional, affordable experience with a personal touch. Think of us as your co-drivers if you like, beside you all the way to steer you safely through the trials and tribulations of web design, development, to get you to your destination ahead of your competitors. You benefit from the hands-on support of experienced web design professionals and a personal touch that means we always respond to what you want and need.

Like Tenderwrite do with bid writing, we’ll help you improve your chances of success and ensure that your website is designed and created to the highest of standards.

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For further information on we can help your business, please contact us on 01792 825624.