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Written by Swansea based creative agency, Thomas Design

Getting your website noticed

As a Digital Agency we are able to provide high quality, rule abiding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and South Wales based companies. At Thomas Design we have extensive experience in the specialist field of optimisation for search engines and we provide a comprehensive and effective service that will be tailored to your industry.

Our SEO will include no spam, black-hat techniques / tricks or any sort of method that is likely to get you penalised by search engines in the foreseeable future. We undertake an intensive keyword research for each project to ensure we are on the right track to achieve more traffic for you, as well as bring in and convert a higher amount of relevant business. The analytics software we use in-house is of the highest quality and allows us to track your project every step of the way - we like to involve our customers too by providing an in-depth monthly report on how the project is going, your keyword rankings and traffic reports detailing how much you traffic is increasing each month. 

We are able to provide a copywriting service for certain projects which can include on-site blogs to be written to increase your websites unique and quality content, improving your sites visability. So if you're looking for SEO improvements in Swansea or South Wales that are white-hat, webmaster guideline friendly and built to give you long term success instead of short-term gain, Thomas Design is the provider for you.

"We follow the webmaster guidelines - We don't risk your website's integrity"

If your website wasn’t developed by us, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive on-site and off-site review to ensure your website is search engine friendly before you consider starting a project with us. Whilst reviewing your onsite we can check your content to make sure it is properly written, error free and optimised for search engines, if it isn’t, we are able to write fresh copy to not only help with optimisation but also to ensure readability for your websites users.

Our meticulous approach to optimising websites means our strategy will maximise your website’s visibility in organic search engine rankings and attract the traffic your business needs and deserves. So if you’re looking for SEO in Swansea, Cardiff, Newport or the South Wales area, why not start your project with us today?

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