Web Design

Not just a pretty face...

Through years of experience we have learned that a beautiful website alone will not guarantee successful user engagement and neither will one that has been purely designed for its ease of use.

So as well as being visually impressive the websites we design are also easy to navigate and this combination of usability and aesthetics is geared towards producing a profit oriented website.

Once we have listened to your design requirements and goals we will create a website that will uniquely fulfil those needs and further enhance your products and services to optimise conversion rates. We believe in taking customers on a journey that is not only visually pleasing every step of the way but is also stimulating and engaging. This combination of factors will mean your target market will enjoy visiting your website and this will result in them returning time and again.

With more and more people today using smart phones and tablets as opposed to just lap tops and PCs to access the internet it is vital that your website offers an optimal viewing experience regardless of how it is viewed. That is why at Thomas Design all of our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly ensuring that your website maintains the same high quality standards across all mobile devices.

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LHP Accountants - Xero

LHP Accountants - Xero