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Graphic Design

By Swansea based Thomas Design

People generally judge a book by its cover. Whether it’s the way food is presented in a restaurant or the latest hi-tech product, we always are always attracted to things that are beautifully designed.

This principle applies to your business too.  Business owners, and particularly start-ups, needs to realise the value of graphic design and the impact it can have on a business in terms of attracting your target market and increasing interest in your brand.

Design advertising attracts us to brands; they are all around us in newspapers, magazines, packaging, television, websites, posters, social media, bill boards…. literally everywhere! And as the global market shrinks with the ever expanding reach of technology, then eye-catching graphics become increasing valuable as a business tool.

Professionally designed graphics can lead your target audience to believe you are a serious player within your industry sector and imply that your organisation is far bigger that it really is! Your brand and associated graphics can serve to instil a sense of trust in your potential customers; plus with all the advertising ‘noise’ being thrown at us today, many people will remember something they have seen rather than what they have read.

This is why Thomas Design offers far more than just website design.  We believe that every business journey starts with the development of your brand’s visual impact.  So we have a team of graphic designers who work with existing clients, start-ups and other established businesses to ensure that their graphics truly represent the ethos and mantra of each individual organisation.

Our graphic design services range from logo and brand development to design and layout of your on-line and off-line marketing materials including brochures, adverts, magazines, email templates, banners and PDF downloads.

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We make your brand stand out from the crowd by creating consistent, recognisable designs that will put your customers at ease when purchasing your products or services.

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Graphic Design

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